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New Lens Technology

Choosing the appropriate lens for your glasses is crucial. Lenses are not made the same and can serve different purposes. Our doctors will help you choose the best lens to suit your lifestyle and visual needs. Below are some lenses that we offer.

Shamir Workspace/Computer

This lens is ideal for those with high demand for intermediate and near vision. It is ergonomically designed to enhance the occupational vision and combat computer vision syndrome.

Shamir Relax

This lens is ideal for those who suffer from eye strain at near. It is easy to adapt to and will prevent symptoms brought on by visual fatigue.

Shamir Autograph 3

This lens is ideal for those who need a progressive lens and wants to maximize their vision. It provides excellent clarity and wide field of view.

BluTech Lenses

These lenses provide high definition visual acuity and protection from UV rays as well as harmful high-energy blue light that is emitted from computer screens and personal electronic devices.